Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre - It's A Wonderful DEATH

Fri, 12/07/2018 (All day)

It's the company Christmas party -- but George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) is nowhere in sight. Is he planning to kill himself, the way he tried to do when his savings and loan was shut down? Or this time -- is he planning to kill someone else? Only Clarence the guardian angel can help us now!

Curious about what's in a murder mystery? You'll arrive at 6:30pm as the actors mingle with the audience to see who wants a speaking part in the play. Next comes the salad followed by Act 1. Then you'll eat dinner followed by Act 2. Finally, as you finish your dessert, you should have all the clues you'll need to figure out WHO DUNNIT IT!

It's part script, part improv (especially with the unexpected performances from those in the audience) and guaranteed to have you laughing all night long.

Tickets are $45 and must be reserved in advance so that we have enough meals for everyone. Call 217-347-9463 for more information!