Chardonel (a favorite with Chardonnay fans)

A dry, full-bodied wine with a balanced, clean finish. Has aromas of pear, lemon, apple and light touches of vanilla and butterscotch.  Slightly oaked giving it a hint of buttery aroma and mouthfeel.


Andiamo! (a favorite with Sauvignon Blanc fans)

An off-dry medium-bodied wine made with Seyval Blanc and Cayuga grapes. Features pineapple, tropical fruits, lemon and pear aromas. Andiamo means "Let's Go!" in Italian, pointing out the crispness of this wine.


Vignoles (a favorite with Dry Riesling fans)

A medium-sweet wine displaying a little spiciness and a big fresh fruity flavor; pineapple, crisp green apple, grapefruit and light spices with a hint of vanilla.


Tuscan Day (a favorite with Muscato fans)

A sweet Niagara wine with intense peach, apple, pear, and citrus aromas. We've found interesting pairings with Gouda cheese and whole wheat crackers. A favorite with fans of late-harvest wines.


Pretty in Pink (a favorite with White Zinfandel fans)

Far and away our best-selling wine! A full-bodied, sweet blush wine with a bold strawberry flavor. Enjoy the aromas of Concord and Pink Catawba grapes, plus cherries, roses and a candied-fruit medley. A great dessert wine or party wine all on its own.


Dry Rosa

Light, crisp and refreshing, Dry Rosa features delicate pomegranate fruit notes with traces of tart cherry and salted watermelon while the finish hints of dry peppercorns.


Chambourcin (a favorite with Pinot Noir fans)  Currently too young to serve - enjoy our guest wines in the meantime

A complex dry red wine with black pepper, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, roses, cedar and vanilla aromas. Medium bodied, slightly crisp and a lingering finish.


Starry Night (a favorite with Norton fans)

A highly tannic Norton with aromas of currant, blackberry, elderberry and a little vanilla from toasted French oak. A noticeably softer take on a rich dry wine. Deep purple-red in color, full bodied and precisely balanced with a long finish rich in fruit.


Sweet Sicilian (a favorite with Red Blend fans)

A smooth, medium-sweet red wine with plum, red berry and black cherry aromas. Medium-full bodied, with a warm, fruit-dominated flavor, medium-long finish.


Tuscan Night (a favorite with Blackberry Wine fans)

Very sweet, extremely smooth and full-bodied, with rich Concord grape aromas plus raspberry and red cherry flavors. Tastes like Grandpa's blackberry wine.