The Moondogs play 8-11pm

Fri, 08/09/2019 - 8:00pm

The Moondogs play classic rock, folk rock, acoustic Americana, reggae and more,


Supplying their blend of styles to the Central Illinois scene for over 8 years, The Moondogs have developed an extensive repertoire as well as musical sensibilities normally found in classic recording studio bands (ala "The Wrecking Crew" or "the Funk Brothers").


 A typical show will take you from The Band to Bonnie Raitt to Bob Marley with plenty more mixed in to keep the dance floor moving. The focus is on music from great songwriters who walked the earth in the days of vinyl.


The key to playing such a diverse set list is having vocalists that can share lead-singing duties.  The Moondogs secret weapons are 3 lovely and talented female vocalists: Karen Hart, Abby Haughee (mandolin), and Wendy Meyer (acoustic guitar) covering anything from Mick Jagger to Joni Mitchell.


Throw Joe McLean into the mix when things need to get bluesy, or Al Phillips for a taste of outlaw country, and you’ve got the "60s" and ''70s" covered as far as lead vocals.


Many of the Moondogs arrangements feature 4-part vocal harmonies as well, a rarity in today's music scene.


Joe also shares the lead guitar chores with Bob St. Gemme, a picker well-versed in all things rock, blues, and country. Laura St. Gemme has added a great touch to the band with her fiddle playing. Take all that musical goodness, put it on top of a rhythm section composed of 2 long-time veterans of the scene, Jay Ferguson (drums) and Al Phillips (bass), and you’ve got yourself one heck of a band!

 The MoonDogs are blessed with the mindful rhythm of Jay Ferguson and quite honestly, we continue to grow weekly and with every performance. Jay has the ability to help push us to our best potential as musicians! 

Come out and hear for yourself.