MOJO Band plays 8-11pm

Fri, 08/16/2019 - 8:00pm

MOJO features lots of classic rock mixed in with country, both old and contemporary.

Kenny Hays is our lead guitarist and is formerly with the Jam Band and Take A Turtle to Dinner. Kenny has toured all over the United States. You'll want to get a seat up close to watch Kenny work his magic.

Stacy Doty is a former member of Whiskeyjack and Sawyer Brothers Band. Stacy was also part of Pearl Handle Band. He, too, has toured extensively with Nancy Hays.

Justin Hays has played drums since MOJO started, but is now playing bass. Justin was also a member of Pearl Handle Band.

Jay Ferguson provides excellent percussion for MOJO for several of our shows. He performs with a wide variety of bands and artists. We are very thankful that Jay has had some openings in his schedule to play with us.

Wendy Dexter provides harmony vocals. She also sings with Stacy as a duo (Doty & Dexter) in a variety of breweries and other venues in central Illinois.

We hope you will love our sound. We do covers of the Beatles, Eagles, Merle Haggard, James Taylor, CCR, Johnny Cash, Chris Stapleton, Cream, Rolling Stones and many, many others. We also jan out to some instrumentals including one that Stacy wrote, called "Heather's Song". We hope to see you there!