Jim Bridger Mountain Man by Willard Simms

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 7:00pm

The Phoenix Theatre presents Jim Bridger Mountain Man by Willard Simms

Performances by Steve Clark opening at 7:00pm and Jacob Ingrum as Jim Bridger at 8:30pm

Jim Bridger [Jake Ingrum] relates his life in a Chautauqua style setting. Bridger, the 2nd Generation frontiersman (after Louis & Clark), American fur trader and scout is remembered as one of the most colorful and widely traveled mountain men of the era. In addition to his explorations and his service as a guide and adviser, he was known for his storytelling. His stories about the geysers at Yellowstone, for example, proved to be true. Others were grossly exaggerated or clearly intended to amuse

Performed by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, PO Box 4267, Englewood, CO 80155